Our People


New Roots Alumni are innovators, environmental stewards, entrepreneurs, college students, and community leaders striving for just and sustainable communities. They all have fascinating stories that they’d like to share with you below.


Rosemary Glos

Rosy is a thriving student at Cornell University, majoring in plant science. We are proud to report that she achieved the dean's list in four consecutive semesters and was recently admitted to Pi Alpha Xi, the national honor society for horticulture. Within Rosy's...

Kai Haskins

“The inspiration I received at New Roots has helped me to approach new challenges in creative ways, and helped me to feel at home at Babson College, which is the #1 entrepreneurship college in the US.”

Niaome Hickman

“New Roots helped me explore my interests and think about where I want to go in life.”

Rachel Mitchell

“I remember discovering the activist within myself at New Roots. Many institutions attempt to silence their students in an effort to keep the peace, whereas New Roots encouraged individuality. My resistance was not disbanded but encouraged when I saw the need to stand up or for something, which encouraged me to carry on with that determination.”

Ezra Davis

“When I went off to college I felt very prepared. Some of the most important things I learned at New Roots that served me well in college were how to work in a group and how to pursue my own academic interests.”

Sarajane Roenke

“I always wanted to find a career that would help people, that would make a difference. New Roots helped me see that doing environmental work would be the best use of my skill set to accomplish this, and it gave me a head start in the field before college.”

Kelsie Torello

“New Roots helped me explore my interests and think about where I want to go in life.”

Mo Petkov

After New Roots, Mo Petkov, took a gap year to network around his passion, photography. Mo specializes in Equestrian Sports and Polo, and has shot events and games for Cornell Polo, as the first round of the 112th U.S Open of Polo.

Irene Case

Irene Case is attending Ithaca College, majoring in Cinema and Photography with a concentration in cinema production.

Tia Bernagozzi

“My college level and advanced courses in my senior year, particularly David’s Chemistry course, have helped immensely to prepare me for the intensity and challenge of being a college student.”

Savannah Sprague

“New Roots helps students think more about their surroundings, and is very good at working with the individual needs of students in order to help them learn…”

Siera Ellis

Siera Ellis graduated from SUNY Cobleskill with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. While working on her degree at SUNY Cobleskill, Siera studied abroad in Poland, Austria, and Germany, and completed an internship in her field. With her passion in Animal Science,...

Riley Maassen

“My New Roots experience gave me a real understanding of how to work in college through the many college-level courses.”

Will Morgan

Will Morgan completed an AAS in electrical engineering at TC3 and will be transferring to either Binghamton University or SUNY Polytechnic in the Fall…

Korin Carpenter

“New Roots encouraged me to step up and ask questions, and to volunteer for opportunities that I might otherwise have felt unqualified for.”

Antonio Triana

Antonio credits New Roots with giving him the opportunity to take on the challenge of being a college student.

Hannah Watrobski

“New Roots offered a whole different style of learning. I have been able to discover which environments I learn and work best and what my passions are.”

Michael (Rocky) Petkov

“More than anything else New Roots taught me that to really get ahead one has to be self driven! So much of the work… especially in senior year is all based upon how one can be self-motivated to go the extra mile. In college, it’s been easy to slip into a passive role but my New Roots experience has helped me to fight troughs and eventually going that extra mile.”

Raymond Vanek-Johnson

“New Roots has helped me towards ultimately getting to where I want to be in a few different ways: first, New Roots taught me to be comfortable in my own self, and with who I am. Second, I am well prepared to adjust to the hard work and independence involved in being a college student.”

Our People