photo of rocky bellinger

Rocky started with college however ended up maintaining an excellent position at an up-and-coming restaurant. He found his curiosity of cooking while working with Chef Alynn at New Roots throughout the years. He loved working all of the spaghetti dinners and helping prepare the lunches when he was able to and just picking Alynn’s mind about the culinary world. 

Today as well as for the past few years Rocky’s been doing his own pop-up restaurants throughout the Bay Area gaining public acknowledgment from the local newspapers along with staging at some 2 and 3 Michelin star restaurants to always continue learning new and classic techniques.  

As of his day job, he works as a corporate Sous Chef for Facebook and part time as a fitness trainer. His passion for food has slightly shifted from fine dining to more health-based writing specific based menus and recording totally nutritional macronutrients.  

Reflecting on his New Roots experience, “I am so very grateful for the push I received from New Roots to always want to continue learning and honing my skills, most of all to always do better.”