Student & Family Resources

Here are handy links to some key resources and documents to help you find your way. Please reach out to staff members at any time with any additional questions you may have.

Farm to School Meal Program

Neuroscience research shows us that there is a direct relationship between the food we eat and how effective we are as learners. At New Roots, Ithaca’s original Farm to School Cafe feeds students and staff daily with healthy “teen-comfort” food sourced from local and regional farms.


Pertinent links to district transportation request forms


SchoolRunner provides easy access to current information to keep students and parents informed and connected to teachers and staff. With these platforms you can easily e-mail teachers with a click of a button, access grades, in-progress averages, and assignment grades as well as view attendance and behavioral history for your student.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook describes how our mission and vision translate into practice. It is intended to be a starting point, and each year our growth and development as a school community will be reflected in this document. Addendums of the Handbook will be published as needed to keep you abreast of our development.

Graduation Requirements

Our core academic courses focus on four traditional subject areas: science, social studies, literacy, and mathematics. Students gain essential skills and knowledge while investigating critical sustainability and social justice questions and themes. Traditional learning will dovetail with a “whole earth approach” to motivate students to make concrete changes in their communities.

Chromebook Use Form

New Roots Charter School will provide students with Chromebooks and G Suite for Education accounts in grades 9-12. G-Suite for Education includes free, web-based instructional and collaborative tools. G Suite for Education is available through an agreement between Google and New Roots Charter School.


Academic Calendar

The daily schedule at New Roots starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm.




Wellness Policy

Our School Wellness Policy is based on nutrition science, public health research, and existing practices from exemplary states and local school districts around the country, which meet the federal requirement.

Alumni Transcript Request

We look forward to supporting you with the next leg of your journey!
Please share a few details with us, so we can send your transcripts to the appropriate contacts.

ARP Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief

The New Roots Charter School plan to use the funds allocated to our school as part of our comprehensive plan to mitigate learning loss and support student emotional and social wellbeing. All ARP documents will be made available in non-electronic form by calling 607-882-9220 and placing a request.

District Safety Plan

Every school in New York is required to have an Emergency Response Plan in accordance with State of Education Department guidelines. The plan outlines building annexes and exit plans in the event there is an emergency or safety issue.

Parents Bill of Rights

Parents Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security

New Roots Charter School Reopening Plan

Developed in accordance with Department of Health guidelines, our plan integrates best practices for safety with opportunities for our students to learn in all of the ways that make a New Roots education unique and compelling.