Student & Family Resources

Here are handy links to some key resources and documents to help you find your way. Please reach out to staff members at any time with any additional questions you may have.

Tompkins County Health Department FAQ

Tompkins County Health Department published an FAQ with links to various sources to help educate our community about the new law with immunization schedules and regulations.

School Tool

Schooltool provides easy access to current information to keep students and parents informed and connected to teachers and staff. With Schooltool you can easily e-mail teachers with a click of a button, access grades, in-progress averages, and assignment grades as well as view attendance and discipline history for your student.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook describes how our mission and vision translate into practice. It is intended to be a starting point, and each year our growth and development as a school community will be reflected in this document. Addendums of the Handbook will be published as needed to keep you abreast of our development.

Graduation Requirements

Our core academic courses focus on four traditional subject areas: science, social studies, literacy, and mathematics. Students gain essential skills and knowledge while investigating critical sustainability and social justice questions and themes. Traditional learning will dovetail with a “whole earth approach” to motivate students to make concrete changes in their communities.

Curriculum Overview

New Roots students engage in a four-year sequence of courses in each core curriculum area: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and English. Themes and essential questions provide opportunities for integration across disciplines. Interdisciplinary community-based projects draw on all core subject areas, with arts instruction infused throughout the curriculum.


Academic Calendar

The Monday – Friday daily schedule at New Roots starts at 9:00am and ends at 4:00pm, except Wednesdays when students have early dismissal at 2:30pm. The academic calendar resembles the ICSD calendar with a few exceptions.


Ithaca Parent & Teen

Helping families decide what to do since 1990, from vacation and summer camps to education, healthcare, entertainment, dining and home care, to financial matters and college prep, read the latest online or pick up a copy at any of hundreds of area newsstands. For more information call 607.327.1226.

School Safety Plan

Every school in New York is required to have an Emergency Response Plan in accordance with State of Education Department guidelines. The plan outlines building annexes and exit plans in the event there is an emergency or safety issue. 

Farm to School Meal Program

Our Farm to school lunch program is nothing like the school lunches parents may recall from high school!
All students enjoy a FREE breakfast and lunch featuring locally-sourced ingredients from our Farm to School
meal program, every day!