Rosy is a rising student at Cornell majoring in plant science.  We are proud to report that she earned an A or above in all of her classes the first year, making the Dean’s list both semesters!  Rosy also worked at the herbarium, where she accessioned and photographed pressed plant specimens, taught tree climbing for Cornell Outdoor Education, and played rugby for a semester before returning to roller derby.

Reflecting on how her New Roots experience prepared her to succeed at Cornell, Rosy says, When I started college, I drew on the skills I gained from those experiences and discovered that they gave me an edge in Cornell’s difficult classes.”

This summer Rosy held a full-time paid internship at the Cornell Botanic Gardens, exploring a career in botany and public horticulture while working alongside a group of accomplished gardeners.  She says, “the internship provided me with a valuable opportunity to hone my practical skills, interact positively with garden visitors and gain contacts in the field.  I expect that it will provide a valuable gateway to work and educational opportunities in the United States and beyond.”   Rosy also recently accepted into a trip to Patagonia, Argentina, to study global plant biodiversity.  She continues to manage and market the houseplant line for Kingbird Farm and occasionally takes side jobs in private gardens.