Join Our Team

Join our small and powerful team of education professionals inspiring young people as innovators and leaders of a just and sustainable future. We are accepting applications for all academic disciplines and substitute teachers on a rolling basis.

Our New Roots mission for creating a sustainable future, where youth are essential in crafting the world they want to live in, inspired me to join and support New Roots’ vision. 

Tanya Kingsley

Founding Teacher (Spanish, Wellness, Crew)


One of the benefits of teaching here is our great principal. Tina is very understanding.

Aaron Snow

Career and Technical Education Teacher

Many benefits

of teaching at New Roots Charter School…

Small class size

means more chance to connect with students.

Work collaboratively

with colleagues to plan interdisciplinary projects, go on field trips, and create student support plans.


family-friendly work environment.

Responsible for about ½

the number of students as in traditional high schools.

80 minute periods

allow time for regular fieldwork and project-based learning.

80 minute prep period

per day.

Early release on Wednesdays

for professional development and faculty meetings.

New York State Retirement System

for all full time teachers.

Opportunity to teach elective classes

in area of your interest.

Free Farm to School lunches

made fresh daily.

Through the years I have acquired a great deal of respect for the Institution’s ideas, camaraderie with the collegiate staff, and enjoyed many meaningful experiences working with the unique student body.

Lee Kaltman

Business and Entrepreneurship Teacher

Current faculty and staff

Some of the many benefits of working here are education for sustainability, critical thinking and dissent is encouraged, and the small community makes for authentic and inspiring relationships.

Mike Moritz

Career and College Advisor