niaome hickman standing in front of vermont law schoolNiaome graduated from New Roots Charter School in 2012 and went on to earn her Bachelors in Environmental Science and Forest Ecology from Wells College. She went on to work as a Restorative Justice Coordinator for another public charter school in California, and then as a forester for Pacific Gas and Electric in Northern California focused on fire prevention.

“I choose New Roots because my school district didn’t support me as an individual. They also didn’t teach me real life skills. New Roots Charter School not only helped me prepare for college but also gave me hands-on experience for the real world.”

As a black teen who grew up in rural upstate NY she felt supported by her “diverse and open-minded group of teachers who came from interesting and strong backgrounds that helped me grow as an individual.”

Being able to participate in the Ithaca community was a huge deal for her. “I grew up in a very small prejudice town that never offered me that warm community feeling, but thanks to New Roots and the Ithaca community I was able to get that wonderful warm feeling all the time.”

Currently, Naiome owns a small business as a counselor and life coach for black women. Her website is:

Inspired by her experience as an alumna and her time working as New Roots’ College and Career Advisor, Naiome has made it one of her many life goals to open up her own charter school one day.

Naiome Hickman posing with New Roots Academic Support Team