photo of exra davis

Ezra Davis is currently working as a software engineer at Rosie (Ithaca based grocery e-commerce) after pursuing a doctoral program at Yale in computer science focusing on computer graphics. Prior to Yale, Ezra graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with a major in computer science and minors in electrical and computer engineering.

Ezra’s computer design experiences as an undergraduate included his senior research project, the development of a toolkit for easy visualization of artificial neural networks, and developing educational resources at the London Design Museum.

Ezra was one of the pioneering students that started at New Roots the very first day that we opened our doors. Reflecting on how his New Roots experience inspired his life path, Ezra says, “I really enjoyed my time at New Roots. I always felt welcomed and supported by the New Roots community of students, staff, and teachers – it was small enough to be a real community. It also gave me the freedom to explore my interests both in my class work and extracurriculars. When I went off to college I felt very prepared. Some of the most important things I learned at New Roots that served me well in college were how to work in a group and how to pursue my own academic interests. All the concurrent enrollment classes with TC3 and Syracuse University gave me flexibility in choosing my college courses.”