KaiKai graduated Magna Cum Laude from Babson College in May of 2018. While at Babson, Kai was routinely on the Dean’s list, was president of Babson College Radio, was a regular actor and director with The Empty Space Theatre Company, while working at The Babson Sustainability Office and on-campus Starbucks.

Kai now works full-time as the Marketing Director at Endless Energy, which is smallish (about 50 employees) solar installation & energy efficiency company in Massachusetts. Kai also does freelance Brand Consulting and Graphic Design on the side and live in Jamaica Plain, Boston.

College’s see a surplus of applications from perfectly qualified and talented students who went to traditional high schools. What they don’t see enough are students who have experience contributing to an evolving learning environment through the development of a brand-new charter school. The unique and interesting learning environment at New Roots helped Kai stand out on their college application, helping them get accepted to the top entrepreneurship college in the U.S.

Kai’s reflections about New Roots:

“New Roots always gave us the impression that anything was achievable. It never asked us to limit ourselves or to work within convention. The ability to conceive of and pursue non-traditional ideas was incredibly valuable during my time at college, and since. At college, my background helped me consider outside-the-box ways to approach assignments, and allowed me to stand out from my peers who had much more traditional educational backgrounds. In my life, New Roots gave me the self-confidence to believe in, build, and argue for my ideas. It should also not be understated what an exceptional job New Roots does of educating its students about the systemic injustices that much of our society is built on. New Roots truly does its best to educate its students to be thoughtful and engaged citizens, which I think is exceptional.”

Kai’s art and design portfolio is viewable here: www.kaihaskins.com