Everyone is Invested in Student Success!

New Roots Charter School has been such an amazing blessing to our family, particularly my daughter. She transferred to New Roots as a freshman, midway through the year after beginning at Ithaca High School.

New Roots is exceptional!

I have a friend in Ithaca whose son went to New Roots and spoke of it highly, so we made the move! Ava started at New Roots in September as a senior, and it has been all we hoped for and much, much more.

Thriving School Environment

One of the main deciding factors in our monumental move to Ithaca from Hawai’i was finding a thriving school environment that would nurture and challenge our child. We found that at New Roots Charter School.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

My daughter has blossomed into such a smart, strong, and independent young lady.  She has maintained a job since she was 14 years old, and is steps away from graduating early. My daughter is the sunlight in my life, and this is because I have had the help of our community in raising her.

Pandemic Pivot Gratitude

This continued care, even in these crazy times is what I give a lot of credit to for the progress I see in my son. He had real social anxiety and couldn’t talk to anyone and now will argue with teachers and peers and voice his opinion and even make friends. Being able to trust the teachers at New Roots and knowing that they genuinely care is a huge part of this pivot. The school showing up during the pandemic to give him the same attention and deep care matters to him and me.

The Durso Trifecta

It is pretty impressive how much New Roots is able to accomplish on a small budget. The teachers are creative with both materials and space which translates into a great life lesson; you can do a lot with a little if you put your mind to it.