Dear Community,

New Roots Charter School has been such an amazing blessing to our family, particularly my daughter. She transferred to NR as a freshman, midway through the year after beginning at Ithaca HS. Our experience with NR was so incredibly positive from the very first time I reached out to them. Registration was a snap, and before I knew it, she was enrolled and thriving there. Less than a month after transferring there, the pandemic struck, and she has been doing entirely virtual classes since then. I cannot adequately describe how fabulous the support structure is at NR. Such a positive change from IHS. If my daughter or I need to speak with a teacher, they call us within the day, and they couldn’t be more helpful. They never stop until they have a solution to whatever our issue/question is. Everyone there is completely invested in the kids’ success. I don’t know how we would have fared all these months during this pandemic if we were still at IHS (it scares me to think of it, truthfully). 

Jhakeem has been particularly amazing to my daughter. She had some very real concerns about some things unrelated to NRCS that affected her while she was there, and Jhakeem was always available and so incredibly supportive whenever she needed him. He also went out of his way to take preemptive steps to make my daughter feel safe, and that meant the world to us. 

We are so very thankful to Jhakeem, Michael, Tina, Erin (and everyone else there!)! They made my daughter’s transfer totally effortless, and they continue to inspire and support her (and me) unequivocally every step of her journey. Thank you, New Roots Charter School!!!

Sarah P-B