New Roots Charter School successfully completes terms of remedial action plan

In a memo to members of the SUNY Board of Trustees dated October 6, 2020, Susan Miller Carello, Executive Director of the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, reported that New Roots Charter School has met the terms of its probation, stating “the remedial action plan contained mandatory terms and conditions, which the school has met, and continues to provide the Institute with timely reporting as requested.”

New Roots Charter School lessons learned during the 1st month of welcoming students back to school

The New Roots teacher leadership team planned extensively for supporting students in learning and understanding the scientific, social and emotional reasons for the new safety protocols. This has resulted in 100% compliance, not in response to new rules and mandates, but in the spirit that truly reflects the New Roots Commitment to Respect Yourself, Respect Others, and Respect Our Environment.