LEAP: Learning + Empowerment = Achieving Potential!

In the 2017-18 school year, New Roots launched an innovative new high school preparatory program that demonstrated just how powerful our vision of deeply engaged, community-based education that fuels passion for learning and academic achievement can be. Our inaugural...

New Roots Loves Teachers

Every February, the Ithaca Loves Teachers celebration puts a spotlight on educators, lavishing us with gifts, experiences, and discounts that help us pamper ourselves during this mid-winter interlude. At New Roots Charter School, the love of teachers is at the heart...

Experiencing the Generative Power of Networks

Building on the concept of “generous ecosystems,” we were invited to consider what nature teaches us about networks, and how we could use that learning to grow our budding Catalyst Leaders network in a way that would serve as a generative power for other schools.

The Year of the Newt!

Students from the first year of our school in 2009 chose this friendly little adolescent salamander as our mascot because it reflects our school values and mission.