College & Career Program Coordinator

First and foremost, I am an animal lover, adventurer, philosopher, artist, life-long learner, explorer, photographer, and film enthusiast. And when my 9th grade science teacher wrote in my yearbook that I was “the most inquisitive student” she ever had, I immediately went back up to her desk to ask what “inquisitive” meant! Of course, I was told to look it up in the dictionary! I live outside of Ithaca on a farm with my wife, goats, ducks, cats, dog, and multiple species of birds who come regularly to enjoy our seeds and suet. I love both the city and the country, traveling, trying new things, and getting lost.  

Prior to joining the New Roots community, I also was a professor and administrator at several colleges and universities in Boston, the D.C. area, and Chicago. I have a PhD in Cultural Studies, an MFA in Creative Writing, and an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Most of my teaching focused on subjects such as visual and media studies, the role of technologies in governance and civic engagement, smart city initiatives, data ethics, and digital storytelling – all through the lens of equity, sustainability, and social justice. Over the course of my educational career, I also have served as an assistant director of alumni relations, a communications director in student affairs, a faculty leader of several general education programs, and an internship coordinator. 

At New Roots, working in tandem with an amazing group of genuinely caring and dedicated educational professionals, I get to leverage my extensive experience, love of the natural world, and desire to keep it all sustainable to help prepare our next generation for the future. As a first-generation college student who struggled to find my own way after high school, I understand the challenges that come with dreaming big, but not always having the resources, direction, or understanding about how to reach those goals. I am passionate about helping students achieve their dreams. And whether students are interested in pursuing higher education, finding careers within the green economy (which is now one of the fastest growing fields), or becoming entrepreneurs, I can help them explore their interests and build their own futures! 

Email: kerickson@newrootsschool.org