portrait of david streib

Science Teacher

From my earliest experiences in the natural world, I can remember feeling a sense of awe, wonder, and inner peace. I’ve always been fascinated with the big questions about what surrounds us, and am interested in how humans have gone about answering such questions.

I like teaching science because it is a framework by which humans can explore answers to questions and to think deeply about our world. Science has been used to challenge authority, and to flip the script on the status quo. Yet all too often, it tends to occupy its own separate space on the human continuum of knowledge and wisdom. Where I feel passionate about science, and about the teaching and learning of my subject, is where it jumps out of that box it so often finds itself in; and finds application in the broader spectrum of human experience.

I came to New Roots for so many reasons: the focus on place-based, sustainability oriented, active learning; the creativity and originality of our students, and the chance to teach in an atmosphere that I felt truly reflected what education should look like. My greatest hope for my students is that they leave my class prepared for the next chapter in their lives, equipped with literacy, knowledge, and skills in the scientific framework and content knowledge; and ignited with a passion to learn more about our fascinating world.

In 2017 I was awarded the New York State master teacher fellowship program.

Email: dstreib@newrootsschool.org