Office Specialist – Registrar, Attendance, Reception, Operations

Oh hi! I didn’t see you there! I’m Caroline!
Coming into New Roots, my career path would be described by some as “eclectic.” Having degrees in Sculpture and Computer Science (and most of one in ASL, but hey, who’s counting?), I am a firm believer that the entire world is worth learning about. Outside of higher education, I’ve worked as a pottery instructor, gallery assistant, retail manager, wood shop technician, and picture framer.
As a trans woman working in education, I recognize the importance of supporting students with diverse identities and backgrounds. I’m passionate about helping students figure out how they want to engage with their communities, build relationships with people, and grow into the best versions of themselves.
In my free time (as of writing this bio), I enjoy carving wooden spoons, making lace, eating pasta, and high-fives.

Email: clicitra@newrootsschool.org