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Kai Haskins

Graduating Year: 
Class of 2014

What are you up to now?

I am a sophomore at Babson College studying business management and entrepreneurship and have been a Dean’s List recipient for the past two semesters. I am also the president of Babson College Radio, regular actor and director with The Empty Space Theatre Company, working at The Babson Sustainability Office and on-campus Starbucks. I am currently applying to internships with record labels and artist management companies.

What is a noteworthy opportunity you have taken advantage of on your college or career path in the past year?

As a first-year I was the only student invited to direct in my school's theatrical Provincetown Player's one-act festival last spring. I directed Freedom by Jon Reed and was incredibly proud of how the show came out.

How has New Roots helped you get to where you want to be?

Colleges get loads of applications from perfectly qualified and talented students who went to traditional high school. What they don't see much of is students who can say they literally helped shape their brand-new charter school into what it is becoming, and was actively involved in the evolution of a learning environment. Having as unique and interesting of a learning environment as New Roots provides stands out on a college application, and it helped me gain entry into a very competitive college.

What is next for you?

I'll hopefully intern at a record label or artist management company this summer and during next school year, which will ideally turn into a job working either in music marketing or A&R. Honestly though that's just what I'm thinking right now, and I can't say to any degree of certainty that that is where I'll end up. I'm just happy that I'm getting a great degree with little to no debt and will be entering the job market from a college having a 99% student job placement rate post graduation.

What's your one-sentence definition of "success"?

Being able to take care of the people who matter to me.