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Hannah Watrobski

Graduating Year: 
Class of 2013

What are you up to now?

I am a junior at Binghamton University studying Human Development and working towards a minor in Music. I am also in the process of completing prerequisites for accelerated Nursing programs while working per diem at Binghamton General Hospital as a Nursing Assistant. I chose to study Human Development because I want to help people and am interested in social work, the medical field, and making a big difference. I would like to get a dual Masters degree in Nursing and Public Administration. 

What is a noteworthy opportunity you have taken advantage of on your college or career path in the past year?

I joined a professional fraternity, Mu Phi Epsilon. The group has grown to become my family. I am able to create music and complete community service with the group. I have learned valuable leadership qualities as a part of our 2016 EBoard, mastered my skills in discussing difficult topics, how to effectively work with young children, how to communicate with those who run the after school programs at which we volunteer, and how to organize events, such as benefit concerts. Mu Phi Epsilon has given me the opportunity to learn many things, create a solid group of friends, and allowed me to give back to the community, all while doing something that I love.  

How has New Roots helped you get to where you want to be?

New Roots gave me the opportunity to learn about public policy. I learned to challenge authority as well as how to get my voice heard. It offered a different style of learning that was important for me and many other students. Because of New Roots, I was able to discover what environments I work and learn best in and what my passions are. 

What is next for you?

I will be applying for Nursing school in August and September of 2016 with the goal of enrolling in May of 2017.

What's your one-sentence definition of "success"?

It does not matter the outcome of what you are trying to work towards, as long as you have learned something from your endeavor, that is success.