To Our New Roots Community, Past, Present, and Future,

We, the teachers of New Roots, are working hard every day to build a learning community that is engaging, challenging, and safe for the students who walk through our doors. As we proudly watched another graduating class move into the wider world this past June and August, it was impossible not to feel grateful that this school exists for each and every unique person who chooses our school. This school is important for so many young people. We hear it all the time: “Where would I be without New Roots?”

As we move into our tenth year, we are so excited about the educational opportunities offered at New Roots. We are continuing to welcome fantastic new staff and students who will bring fresh life to our growing community. We are developing our internship program, community partnerships, hands-on, real-world projects, science and technology electives, music and arts programming, and so much more!

We are grateful for your continued support for the New Roots community as a whole. Thank you for trusting us with your children’s education at our unique and wonderful school.

On behalf of the New Roots team.