Science Teacher and Gardening Instructor

Hello! My name is Verdiana Wagner and I am the Lower School Science Teacher and Gardening Instructor here at New Roots. If I had to describe myself in 3 words, I would say that I am dedicated, detail-oriented, and warm. Outside of school hours, my hobbies include running, baking, and hanging out with my family, cats, and rats. At school, my favorite teaching content areas are human body systems (specifically, endocrinology) and ecology. I think that these topics are important and tie together well; we must know how our bodies work in order to better understand our placement and relative space within the world at large. In terms of favorite classroom activities, I really enjoy having long lab blocks where students write and troubleshoot their own experiments; it is so fun to see their problem-solving skills come alive in fun, hands-on lessons. There are many things I could say about my teaching philosophy, but we have limited space here! 🙂 I strongly believe that teachers are responsible for teaching the whole student, not just the information present in state standards. I aim to instill kindness, grit, courage, and a sense of curiosity in my students, along with an awareness of important cultural, environmental, and social issues within society.