New Roots students (7th – 12th grade) are invited to attend Splash! on April 28th at Cornell.

Splash! is a very open style of learning, designed to let students explore anything that they are passionate about. If they’re passionate about math and science, they can attend courses on gravitational waves and complex analysis! Perhaps, they’re more interested in the humanities and want to learn about ancient history and creative writing. Maybe, they’re just looking for things that aren’t normally taught, like an Introduction to Immunology explained in terms of Starcraft or four-player chess (known as bughouse).

Registration is open now: REGISTER HERE

In the spirit of their motto “teach anything, learn anything” teachers choose their own class topics, allowing them to teach what they’re most passionate about, and providing students with the opportunity to explore just about anything that interests them.

Students may register for Splash! classes on a first-come, first-serve basis through the Splash Website, after creating an account. The class catalog is also available on the website and includes a wide range of exciting classes.

All students will receive a Splash! t-shirt, notepad, and lunch. They will also be providing some programming for guardians who wish to stay for the day. This will include information sessions and sample Splash! courses.

The cost of Splash! is $25, but generous financial aid is available for those families to whom the cost might prove an obstacle to attendance.

With any questions about the program, email, or call (909) 713-4830.