Art Teacher

I’ve invested more than a decade into growing as a freelance artist and have built local, national and even international festival and gallery relationships. My teaching experience is mainly from directing educational digital art summer camps on college campuses.  I’m thrilled to bring my enthusiasm and lessons to the classroom. New Roots is a functional alternative to the generic American educational system and has the morale and warmth that I’ve been yearning for. The opportunity to be part of the teaching team at New Roots is a wonderful, rewarding privilege.

Success at anything requires having the hustle to match one’s vision. Patience, persistence, the dedication to seeing a vision through, and the ability to find the lesson or “happy accident” in life’s mistakes are all hallmarks of entrepreneurship as well as inspired artistry. My aim at New Roots is to give students tools for thinking and expressing themselves creatively and powerfully while imbuing them with the insight that their voices, choices, and efforts matter. My approach to art and teaching encourages passion, play, focus, and respect for the available tools and resources. New Roots encourages us all to think outside the box. I run a tight studio while also inviting students to invent new rules for their projects and to sometimes color outside the lines- just so long as they also stay mindful and wash their brushes!

At this critical time in human existence, the empowerment of our youth matters more than ever. I’m grateful to be part of the New Roots’ team, working to chart “new routes” towards creating a more sustainable, diverse and socially just world.

For more about me and my work, please check out my portfolio on the web: