Global Studies Teacher

I am an upstate New York native. I grew up in Elmira Heights, but moved to Ithaca in 2010 to attend SUNY Cortland where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Adolescent Education in Social Studies and History. I began at New Roots Charter School as a student teacher in the spring of 2013, progressed into an expeditionary teacher role the following fall, and eventually into the Global History and Geography teacher in the winter of 2013 after I graduated from SUNY Cortland. I am very passionate about social studies and history, which my students can attest for. I enjoy studying the cultures of the world, past and present, and making connections between historical events and the contemporary world. In a world that is shrinking due to globalization, I feel it is important to learn about other cultures around the world and how actions in different parts of the world affect us all. My goal for my students is for them to gain a holistic understanding of world cultures and history, as well as to learn practical skills such as critical thinking and research skills that will help them be successful people, citizens, and community members.