Leadership Intern

Niaome’s four years at New Roots Charter School were an inspirational breakthrough in her life, where she discovered what’s possible in a community filled with warmth and acceptance. She recently returned to the school as an intern with an opportunity to learn how Tina created the New Roots community with the support of an awesome team of teachers and staff. With Tina’s leadership and guidance, Niaome is engaging all members of the team to learn how it all comes together. We’re grateful to have Niaome’s positive energy in the school once again!

Niaome graduated from New Roots Charter School in 2012, before attending Wells College from 2012-2016 , where she graduated with a Bachelors in Environmental Science and Forest Ecology.

“New Roots Charter School not only helped me prepare for college but also gave me hands-on experience for the real world.  Not to mention being able to participate in the Ithaca community was a huge deal for me. I grew up in a very small prejudice town that never offered me that warm community feeling, but thanks to New Roots and the Ithaca community I was able to get that wonderful warm feeling all the time. As an alumnus and as a current New Roots Intern I have found that one of my many life goals is to open up my own charter school, thanks to New Roots.”