The Lower School

Education at New Roots is a journey of self-discovery.
The essential questions that frame our lower school students’ studies are

Who am I? | Where am I? | Where have we come from?

Focusing on themes and standards related to the evolution of Earth’s natural and social systems, students explore the connections between traditional academic disciplines such as global studies, English, biology, and earth sciences as they develop a “sense of place” that takes learning out of the classroom and into the community.  

At this level, students prepare to take three of the five Regents exams required to graduate in New York State.

Themes linked to academic subject areas in the Lower School include Water is Life, Justice and Social Dynamics, Climate Change, and Sustainable Food Systems.  Lower school students develop an understanding of their home place and the environmental and social challenges that we face, and engage in imagining a sustainable future inspired by the solar punk literary genre.

The Crew curriculum emphasizes the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful high school experience.