I was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD and came to the Ithaca area with my husband and children in 2002.

I have a B.S in Physical Education K-12 and an M.S.Ed in Environmental Education. I am a NYS tri-certified health, physical education, and special education teacher.

I enjoy working at New Roots because I love working with teens and enjoy learning and growing alongside them in such a vibrant dynamic community. As the Special Education Teacher for the Lower School, I strive to create opportunities for all of our younger students to get the most out of their educational experience at New Roots and to help create systems that make education accessible for all.

I believe in New Roots because New Roots takes a holistic approach to education, with a commitment to the health and well being of the individual, the community, and our environment. My hope is that all New Roots students become engaged learners, critical thinkers and caring human beings who strive to bring positive change to their communities and to our planet.

Email: fspeight@newrootsschool.org