Special Education Teacher

After arriving in central New York in the summer of 2017, I found my way to New Roots by September 2018.  New Roots feels like a great fit for so many things I hold dear: love of the earth as our home, a commitment to sustainable practices, service learning and a community that stays connected through healthy, open communication.  Although I am grateful for my academic degrees (Emory University for undergraduate and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from American University), my most significant growth experiences have all been experiential.  A service learning program living in an orphanage in Guadalajara, Mexico (Ciudad de los Ninos) through my high school in the summer of 1982 opened my eyes to a deeper sense of social justice, as well as our larger world.  Early in my teaching career, I became keenly interested in peer-based mediation as well as collaborative negotiation, which I’ve taught schools and workplaces for over a decade. I lived in the Bay Area for sixteen years, where I first became a community mediator/panelist for Community Boards of San Francisco.  Serving as a panelist and just living in such an open-minded region helped me appreciate the possibilities of a truly diverse and accepting culture. I remain on the staff of Baltimore Mediation as an adjunct trainer/coach, maintaining ties to Maryland, where I grew up.   When I am not teaching, I enjoy silent meditation, movies and hanging out with my wife and young daughter in Stewart Park and Ithaca’s many wonderful natural offerings.

Email: crubacky@newrootsschool.org