The Year of the Newt!

Students from the first year of our school in 2009 chose this friendly little adolescent salamander as our mascot because it reflects our school values and mission.

Splash! @ Cornell

Splash! is a one-day event where high school and middle school students visit Cornell’s campus to learn anything… Splash! teachers, administrators, and volunteers are all Cornell students.

Ahja Haedicke’s New Roots Mural Project

“We want this project to build youth leadership both at New Roots and in the larger community. Art is a positive and creative way to do this and will represent the values of Social Justice and Sustainability in a way that can be enjoyed by the entire community.”

Rachel Mitchell Alumni Spotlight

“I remember discovering the activist within myself at New Roots. Many institutions attempt to silence their students in an effort to keep the peace, whereas New Roots encouraged individuality…”

Niaome Hickman Spotlight

Niaome’s experience at New Roots as a student inspired her to return as an intern so she can learn from Tina how to become the next charter school founder and leader.