I was born in 1961 in Seattle and I’m a first generation American. My mom and dad were born in Germany and came to the US in 1938 because they were no longer safe living in Nazi Germany. As I write this, my parents are still alive at ages 91 and 87, and just celebrated 66 years of marriage. When they came to America, my parents lived in New York City.  Who they are and where they came from is part of what makes me me.  I also have three brothers and two daughters.  

When I was a kid, I didn’t really understand the point of school.  I also didn’t read much until my later teen years.  What I was really good at was working and sports.  From the age of 12 on I always had a job and I always worked really hard.  During High School, I attended a school like New Roots.  It was then that I decided that I wanted to be a teacher some day.  But after high school I worked at different jobs until I was 22 at which time I went to community college.  It turned out I was really good at math and science.  I also liked writing and reading.  I got very good grades and eventually went to a four year school in Olympia, Washington called the Evergreen State College.  There, I studied math and environmental science.  Later, I attended Cornell where I got a Masters Degree in teaching.  

The focus of my career for the last 26 years has been teaching mathematics.  I even taught at New Roots in the first three years the school was open.  I think there are two things about me that make me a good math teacher.  First, I work really hard to explain things to my students.  I’m very patient and don’t mind working hard to help my students understand.  The other thing that makes me good at what I do, is that I care about people.  I want my students to do well and to succeed at life.  

I’m excited about the school year.  I’m teaching Algebra and I want to be sure all of my students to pass their Regents test.  All of the high school math classes can be challenging and Algebra is often the one test all students can pass. I hope I can inspire my students to come to school and class every day and work hard. With hard work, I know students can succeed even with a challenging subject like math.  

I’ll quickly add that I currently live with three dogs, a cat named Courage, and I get to feed and help take care of two horses named Selva and Hawk.  I am a master gardener and a master composter and I love to grow food.  I’m also a great cook.  I also like playing the drums and when I was a teen and didn’t like school much, I played a lot of pickup basketball on the streets of Seattle.  If you ever want to shoot hoop, just ask.  I’m also into swing and salsa and zydeco dancing.  If you’re interested in partner dancing, maybe we can create an elective around that.