One to One Aid

A large part of what makes me, me is that my personal life generally revolves around being a single parent of two energetic, wild and fascinating elementary school-aged children! Outside of teaching and parenting, though, my time is generally spent reading, doing activist work, gardening, swimming or wandering in the woods. If you see me around school, you will often notice me smiling, chatting with students, running errands for teachers or helping with coursework. My personality tends to be intense and I have been told I have quite a quirky sense of humor ­čÖé

I came to New Roots as a special education aide during the 2016/2017 school year. What drew me to New Roots was my background in democratic and social justice education, and the fact that New Roots educational methods and social model align with what I believe to be a healthy and well-reasoned educational pedagogy. New Roots was actually on my radar for about four years before I was finally invited to interview, and I could not be more happy to have found such a talented and caring staff to work with!

My education includes a B.A. degree in Selected Studies in Education from Syracuse University, which is a nationally recognized interdisciplinary program supporting inquiry into the nature of educational systems and social inequality. My studies there centered on inclusion, disability, race and racism, identity and difference, LGBTQ rights, democratic process and feminist theory.

Over the past decade, I have taught/lectured to a wide range of audiences including parents, teachers and college students in both public and private school settings regarding sustainability, food access and justice, race and gender, outdoor education and social justice movements. My research includes publications on violence against trans-women, systemic inequality in education and the life experiences of low-income/single parent families in public school settings.

As a high school student, I myself was not a huge fan of authority (or teachers of any sort, for that matter!) and could be a very challenging student to work with. In large part due to this, I am over the moon to have the opportunity to work at a school that values and respects students on an individual level, and with teachers who understand the weight of responsibility that comes with teaching teens. My hope is to contribute positively to the New Roots community by offering an open ear and safe space for all students, as well as by supporting my co-teachers and administrative staff in implementing an egalitarian, balanced and accessible curriculum for all students.