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Our four-year science sequence is designed to give our students a foundation in understanding the Earth’s systems through an integrated study of traditional science disciplines.


Earth Systems Science is an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to learning about the world around us. The Earth System approach focuses on the Earth as a set of components connected through the movement of matter and energy. Students learn this through study of Earth’s subsystems and how they are inextricably linked through biogeochemical cycles.

Our innovative math courses focus on problem-based mathematical modeling and statistics, integrated with science and social studies courses.

The overall goals of the mathematics curriculum are to provide a strong mathematical foundation and appreciation of mathematics to serve its graduates as citizens, in the workplace, and in future studies, and to insure that students are prepared for the required Regents exams. These goals will be driven by contexts, problems, and issues drawn from the disciplines of environmental studies, social justice, and sustainability.

All students are required to

The New Roots curriculum nurtures young peoples' ability to use their skills as world citizens to promote sustainability. They learn to create democratic, green economies that consider all peoples' needs and restore the natural world.

See our Curriculum included in our charter school application. 

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Our cross-disciplinary, experience-based curriculum helps students see the intersection of social and ecological systems, cultivating a practical intellect that produces solutions to the dilemmas and contradictions inherent in the 21st-century.