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Clinton House

Water Quality Testing at the Historic Clinton House

on Sat, 03/05/2016 - 17:00

Dear New Roots Families,

I know that recent revelations about water quality in our local schools must raise the same question in your mind as it does mine -- what about the water in the Clinton House?

Investigating this question, I learned that there has been no testing of the Clinton House water since New Roots opened its doors in 2009.  Because the Clinton House draws on a municipal water supply, there is no requirement that our water be tested.

Given the potential impact on student health, I don’t think that the regulations are enough in this case.

Our main building and school office is located in the historic Clinton House at 116 N. Cayuga St in Ithaca, New York. Come visit!


Built in 1824, the Clinton House was designed to be a hotel for guests visiting the previous center of the film industry before it moved to California. At least four United States presidents have stayed in the Clinton House, which contained 150 rooms. After its time as an upscale hotel the Clinton House became home to offices, a ticket center for many local performing arts venues, and one small theater. It is now home to the New Roots Charter School.