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New Roots Accountability Plan

Charter schools authorized by the State University of New York develop a detailed Accountability Plan that becomes part of their charter or agreement with New York State as a public school.

The Accountability Plan details benchmarks that the school must substantially meet for its charter to be renewed after the first five years of operation. Accountability Plan goals include absolute and comparative measures for Regents exam scores, student progress in earning credit towards graduation, graduation rates, and demonstrated college readiness. Additionally, New Roots is accountable for developing measures to demonstrate that students are achieving outcomes specific to education for sustainability by the end of year three.

On a yearly basis, school leaders must produce a detailed Accountability Plan Progress Report with a presentation and analysis of all relevant data. Our first report was produced in Fall 2010. The process was very valuable to developing and evolving our programs to support our students' success. The results of this analysis and the resulting program development was presented at a public meeting of our Board of Trustees in Fall 2010.

Our Accountability Plan and Accountability Plan Progress Report 2009-2010 are attached for your perusal. Please don't hesitate to email our Principal at if you have any questions about these documents.