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*New* LEAP Year Program at New Roots


An opportunity for students ages 12-15

who want to jump-start their high school success!


Our new LEAP year will be an applied interdisciplinary program featuring project-based learning, community-based fieldwork and service learning, career exploration, orientation to high school, and individualized learning plans to support high school level literacy and mathematics skills.  Programs elements will include:


  • “Real world” integrated science and social science learning with sustainability themes featuring field trips and projects based on local history

  • Math instruction tailored to the student’s interests and needs, from foundational skills to high school level math

  • Literacy development targeted to student needs related to real world projects

  • Development of skills important for high school, college and career success

  • Arts programming that engages students in creative outlets for expression

  • A wellness program for health and physical education, featuring yoga and mindfulness

  • Use of technology tools to manage workflow, plan, and demonstrate learning

  • Community and advisory meetings to develop students’ social academic skills


Students who may benefit from LEAP include:

  • Students who have been homeschooling and who would like a transition to school that provides opportunities for student-centered, individualized learning that they have experienced, while orienting them to the rigors and practices of high school


  • Students who would benefit from a "gap year" between middle school and high school to re-ignite their passion for learning and develop practical skills for high school success


  • Students who would like to accelerate because they feel bored or frustrated in middle school, but who may not be fully prepared academically or socially for a large high school setting.


To explore the option of a LEAP year for your student, contact Rebecca Cutter by emailing or calling 607-882-9220 ext 207.