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Internships for New Roots Students

The Internship & Service Learning Class at New Roots Charter School supports students as they explore possible careers, build character and a sense of responsibility within our community. Students explore their interests by researching possible internships, writing their resume and cover letter, officially requesting an internship, interviewing and then engaging in the most professional manor possible in their internship. 

Internships benefit New Roots students and the community alike. Students can earn an elective credit while exploring career options, developing practical life skills and applying academic knowledge. 

How does it work? 

Students are paired with a local business or organization that provides a mentor and opportunities for hands-on learning!    

Interested students, businesses or organizations click on the above links, fill out and submit the appropriate form and we will contact you to establish an internship.    

Students work with the New Roots Internship Coordinator and English Teacher, Sue Schwartz, to find a free period or two during the week when they can make arrangements for traveling to their internship site. Students can also get credit for doing internships after school or during weekends. 

Once the internship interest forms, downloadable contract and proof of insurance to cover the student during his or her contact hours are submitted the student can officially begin getting credit for his or her internship. Organizations that cannot provide insurance can work through the Learning Web to establish the internship agreement.   

New Roots Charter School requires mentors to fill out time sheets and to provide reports every five weeks indicating the student's progress toward his or her learning goals. These reports help us support students and ultimately they help determine if the student gets credit for his or her internship.   

Credit Information:

Internship Hours per Week

Elective Credits Earned

Total Hours

3 hours per week

1 credit

90 hours

2 hours per week

¾ credits

67.5 hours

1 & ½ hours or one 1:25 minute period

½ credits

45 hours

1 hour or one 55 minute period

¼ credits

22.5 hours


Important Forms & Information:

Student Internship Application

Student Internship Contract 

Time Card