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Intensives Week at New Roots

Spring 2016

For hundreds of millions of years, Earth has supported life, and life has in turn influenced the Earth. Changes in the Earth’s climate (over hundreds of millions of years) have resulted in the evolution of life to survive, while such adjustments by life have influenced the dynamics on Earth. Our modern lifestyle has introduced rapid changes to our environment, disrupting the equilibrium that had existed long before. The Haudenosaunee knew how to exist in balance with this equilibrium, and modern society can learn a lot from the knowledge they held.

This past week was Spring Intensives  at New Roots, a break from the academic mindset where students focus their energy on a topic they love. In the Cayuga Wetlands Restoration intensive, students applied ecosystem knowledge held by the Haudenosaunee to bioremediate (heal with plants) the impaired southern end of Cayuga Lake. The goal: to transform a section of Stewart Park into a regenerative Muckyland: an ecosystem known by the Cayugas to be regenerative.