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Honors Program

The New Roots Charter School Honors Program empowers its students to become leaders within the academic environment and community. Upon completing the requirements, enrolled students will embody and spread the mission and vision of New Roots to fellow students and community members.

How do I get into the Honors Program?

This program is available to any student who wants greater academic challenge and new opportunities. Students must fill out an application, provide two references, and write a letter expressing why they are interested in joining the New Roots Charter School Honors Program.

What are the requirements?

Students must maintain an average of 80 or above in all courses to remain in the Honors program.  There are two options:  the Principal’s Honors Program or the Academic Honors Program.  Students who enroll in the Principal’s Honors Program complete an Honors Extension in all core academic classes (math, English, social studies, science). Students who are interested in being in the Honors Program but not in all four core subjects may apply to the Academic Honors Program which means that they will have Honors extension coursework in at least one core academic class.

What exactly is an Honors Extension?

Students who are accepted into the Honors Program will have an opportunity to enrich their already existing coursework. Class schedules will not change. Honors students are required to complete the following three components for each Honors course they are taking:

Curricular: Teachers will assign a quarter-long project aligned with classwork and of interest to the student.

Literary: Each student is required to read at least one book from a list of books provided by their teacher. Then, a report must be written reflecting on the book and how it deepens their understanding of some aspect of what is being studied in the course.

Community: Each Honors student is required to get involved in the community by completing 10 hours of community service per quarter.