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Elevator Music and Art Gallery

New Roots Charter School converted the Clinton House non-functioning historic elevator to a unique exhibition space in the fall of 2012. A hydraulic pump that used steam from boiled water as its source of energy powered the elevator, which dates back to 1828.

The music and gallery space, run by New Roots Art and Music Departments, showcases installed art works and sound, by primarily local artists, New Roots students, teachers and families.  

This arts space presents an opportunity for the New Roots School Community to engage on a deeper level with contemporary visual art and sound art, serving to enhance the school's commitment to cross-disciplinary learning, environmental justice and social equity.

Artist - Ashley Click

Artist - Lynne Capani-Czebiniak

Artist - Kadie Salfi

Artist - Aubrey Hetznecker

Artist - Jim Bosjolie

Artist - Tim Gera

Artist - Margaret Ann Poole

Artist - Barbara C. Harrison

To view the upcoming schedule, click the following link: First Friday Gallery Night Schedule