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Chrissie Askew - Parent Testimonial

It has been recently stated that New Roots Charter School is failing our children, due to the school’s graduation rates. The irony of this statement is that our children chose to go to New Roots because, in some form or another, their home school district failed them.  I am not arguing graduation rates; many area districts do in fact exceed New Roots graduation rates. I am simply stating that at New Roots, our children are more than just a number. The education and support our children receive at New Roots has exceeded my expectations. The sense of community simply cannot be compared. The faculty and staff strive to make each individual feel welcome, supported and ensure they are being educated in far more than the required curriculum. The students are learning how to support their community and become responsible citizens who appreciate each other’s diversity.

In New Roots, my daughter has found a new love for school and acceptance for all people, which is an area many districts fall short on. So, while one cannot argue the graduation rates you also cannot argue that at New Roots Charter School you will find a school system that views your child as an individual, not a number. That fact alone makes New Roots a wonderful place.

- Chrissie Askew, New Roots Charter School Parent